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Self-paced and Social

Slides for my presentation at E-Learn 2012, Montreal. 


Traditionally, much institutional self-paced distance learning has been a largely individual activity, offering limited opportunities for teacher-student interaction and almost none for student-student interaction. This is because, when students are all learning different things at different times, unless enrolment is extremely high, it is difficult to engage in any form of meaningful social learning. This paper reports on a self-paced course at Athabasca University that is designed to provide both the freedom of self-paced learning and the pedagogical benefits of social learning. At the same time the approach deals effectively with issues of plagiarism and the different needs, skills and interests of diverse learners.

Mentioned in the presentation but not visible on the slides is that the diagram that extends Paulsen's model of cooperative freedom was developed with my friend Terry Anderson and will appear in our forthcoming book.


  • Stuart Berry October 14, 2012 - 4:06pm

    I really wish I could have heard your talk. I look forward to the book. I found your images and accompanying text really neat (actually I felt that the images really helped to anchor the text - cool) and I chuckled at your words on your second slide describing Athabasca U "in the middle of nowhere" as well as a nod to audiences from different temperature referencing points. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jon Dron October 15, 2012 - 1:10pm

    Thanks Stuart!

    It's all thanks to my recent discovery of I've long been a fan of and have used many of its images in former slideshows (and this one) but the Flickr site has many more tags and all the images are in the public domain - much quicker to search and find relevant reusable images.