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Letting go: slides from my Brighton workshop, September 2016

My slides from a workshop run on behalf of the Centre for Learning & Teaching at the University of Brighton.

The slides are a mashup of some of my recent presentations, with a few new additions and tweaks, providing a loose structure around which conversations evolved, puncuated with occasional preaching from me. The workshop followed the theme that the institutional model of p-learning is inherently and deeply harmful to intrinsic motivation thanks to the constraints of physics, and that the model has infected institutional approaches to e-learning despite the ways online systems can circumvent such constraints.  In this workshop, we delved fairly deeply into ways that participants work around the problems in their own practices, drawing a little from Ryan & Deci's nuanced model of extrinsic motivation, and shared ideas about how to support and nurture intrinsic motivation in p-learning, e-learning, and blended learning contexts, including discussion of the complex institutional obstacles to empowerment of both learners and teachers in our systems. I shared a little about how the Landing has been used as a 'web 1.5' middle way between the chaotic, diverse cornucopia of the online social tools outside institutions and the highly regimented controlled spaces of LMSs and classrooms, blurring a few of the boundaries of traditional teaching practice. I learned a lot, and I think most of the participants had fun.


  • Jon,

    Thanks for sharing this presentation. I wish I had been there to hear in live.

    I especially liked the slide "How do you demotivate your students?" What a great question!

    I plan on sharing this with my new crop of Sceince teacher candidates.

    Also, I am incorporating your extension of Paulsen's Cooperative Freedoms in the papers I am currently writing.



    Gerald Ardito September 29, 2016 - 7:34am

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