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FGS Graduate Open Forum presentation on in-progress program developments

If you weren't there, these may not mean much! We are currently developing a number of proposals that may (if approved) turn into graduate programs. This is a presentation about two of them (the teams for which I'm chairing): the (both provisionally named) PhD in Digital Transformation and the MSc in Learning Environment Design & Development (or maybe Advanced Learning Technologies). Both are all about crossing not just disciplinary but sector boundaries, both are about student autonomy (students controlling outcomes, methods, assessments, etc), about the valorization of diversity,  to do with both creating digital technologies and understanding their social, psychological, societal, ethical, political and other impacts, to do with acknowledging the context of use as equally or more important than the technological tools we build. I think both are really cool. We'll be really lucky if even one is accepted for further development, but it will be fun trying.


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