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Unit 1: Site Design


I am so excited to have unit one completed. My site design is a start to what will be something new and big (which will be the final website). Some of the aspets took some time as I found some things to be a challenge for me, especially since it is my first time stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. 

One aspect i stuggled the most with was making sure I covered most and almost all information. In the first page where I discussed my themes and purposes of the site design, I mentioned that the game I'm creating the site for is far more complicated than it looks. I found it challenging because i wanted to make sure I will be able to provide the right and adequate amount of information to becoming a successful gamer.

Another aspect was NOT ONLY the information for each subtopic but also making sure I covered every subtopic there c ould possibly be in the game. This seemed to be very stressful for me because there was too much to add to my site map. I made a decision that i was disregard anything considered easy or self explanatory which would have been a waste of space and time for the website.

My personas were very diverse which was my number one goal. This game is offered in many different countries around the world and is not designed only for a particular group of people, therefore anyone could play!

I believe i have met the learning outcomes of unit one. The outcomes were mainly covered when i identified my audience to be a range of age, difefrent countries, and genders. There had been a very broad spectrum in terms of my personas/audience in general. The other learning outcome being that the websites purpose is to educate gamers (clashers in the game) of what can help themm to become successful and level up in the most efficient way possible. This way, the website providing useful tips and blogs can help people discuss and learn the ways of the game and fullful their needs.

Something I struggled with was covering the topics and figuring out what exact component of the game would fit under what subtopic, and whether that specific topic had an appropriate space on the website or not. I also had trouble designing the layout since at times i stressed over if the layout was appealing or not.

What i didnt struggle in was using a program to create the mock-up and site design, it was fairly easy to navigate the website and use the tools. I am also very passionate about the game so i felt that i can easily put together a design that can definitely help other clashers.

Overall, the experience of creating the design was exptremely fun even though it was at times confusing since it was new and now i am looking forward to putting it all together.


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