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University Name                                               Thesis Title                                                     
Athabasca University 1.  Maria Skordaki  Scientists, Training and Public Safety
  2.  Susan Bainbridge Online Education in Nepal- The Great Equalizer?
  3. Heather Scarlett-Ferguson  Does Workplace Context Influence Whether Pharmacists Use Their Knowledge in Patient Care?
  4. Djenana Jalovcic  Road less travelled: studying online with a disability
DaVinci University 1  
Open University Catalonia Antonella Esposito  The transition ‘from student to researcher’ in the digital age. Probing the affordances of emerging learning ecologies of PhD e-researchers"
  Mireia Usart  Impact of adult Students’ Time Perspective on time-on-task and learning performance using Game Based Learning
Open University UK 1 Anne Pike Prison-based transformative learning and life after release
  2 Inge de Waard How far does a learner stretch - in a MOOC?
  3 Mair Lloyd  eLearning for Ancient Languages



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