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  • Skype Free []
    Note that the free version only has one-to-one video, whereas the paid subscription provides multi-video connections. For group video conference Skype recommends an optimal maximum of 5 people in a group video call.
  • Skype Origins []

SKYPE Recording How-to's:

  1. Skype for Interviews  (*this slideshow is a classic worth reviewing)
    Source -
  2. How to Record a Skype Conversation using Wiretap
    Web page demonstrates the use of Wiretap (commercialware) with a slightly outdated version of Skype interface.
  3. How to Record a Podcast
    Web page demonstrates the use of Audio Hijack Pro (commercialware) with Skype.
  4. How to record Skype calls for FREE?
    Web page demonstrates the use of Sunflower (open-source) with Garageband (Apple) to record Skype audio.

SKYPE Recording Freeware:

  1. Audacity
    Records and edits audio. The LAME library is required for conversion to MP3 format.
  2. Audion 3
    A free audio recorder, MP3 encoder, and player that was originally commercialware. It is a rudimentary MP3 editor that has been superceded by Audacity. Available for new and older MAC's. {Free Registration Key}
  3. Audio Routing Utilities
    Useful for redirecting audio channels to different applications (i.e., Skype to Audacity or Garageband)
    Recommended for advanced endusers only
    1. Jack OSX
      (use with any MAC audio application)
    2. LineIn
      (use with any MAC audio application as "pass thru" from input devices)
    3. Sunflower
      (use with any MAC audio application including Audio Hijack Pro)
  4. The Levelator
    This utility will auto-level sound files that are in WAV or AIFF format.

SKYPE Recording Commercialware:

Note: It is always useful to inquire into educational discounts, as many companies recognize the value of marketing to learning environments

  1. Audio Hijack Pro
    {$32 USD}
    (Audio recorder only) Will need freeware or commercialware for audio editing
  2. Call Recorder
    {$19.95 USD}
    Ultra simple audio and video recording Skype add-in with online instructions
  3. Macsome Audio Recorder
    {$29.95 USD)
    Only records audio to MP3 or AAC (lossy formats)
  4. WireTap Studio (aka WireTap Pro)
    {$69 USD}
    Includes an audio recorder and lossless editor with online tutorials (equivalent to the Windows commercialware - Total Recorder)
  5. Adobe Audition (CS5.5 replacement for Soundbooth)
    {$149 USD Edu}
    Over-powered application for recording Skype
  6. Apple
    1. Garageband / iTunes
      Included with all MAC's
    2. Logic Express
      {$179 CDN Edu}
      Over-powered application for recording Skype
    3. Logic Studio
      {$449 CDN Edu}
      Over-powered application for recording Skype
  7. Many other pro audio tools well beyond $70 CDN, that are too numerous to list here
    Starting points for further reading:
    1. Wikipedia at Digital Audio Editor which provides an outdated small sample table of applications
    2. Wikipedia at List of Free Software for Audio that offers more about sound editing

MAC Curios

  • Sonic Visualiser
    Freeware viewing and analysing music audio files
  • Soundplant
    Free for non-commercial use. Attached a sound to key. The links sections starting at Free Online Sound Archives downwards are very interesting for the audio tech user.