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Landing iTunes Podcasting: Revision

Last updated October 12, 2011 - 5:37pm by Steve Swettenham

This is a job aid in development:




iTunes requires two files for the web podcast to work.  The first file is the audio, while the second file is the RSS feed.  iTunes uses the RSS feed file in its podcast directory.  A correctly structured feed will download the desired audio file to be played from within iTunes.



  1. Create audio files and save to MP3 format
  2. Edit MP3 metadata
  3. Upload MP3 files to iTunes folder in MCAST group and assign Access privileges to Public (or upload to some other webspace)
  4. Go to RSS Feed Generator at to create the file to upload to a public folder on the Landing (with public access privileges)
  5. Submit the RSS Feed in iTunes
    Following the link opens the iTunes app on the MAC.  Entering a Podcast Feed URL forces an iTunes store login.  This means that you would need an iTunes store account to submit Podcasts to the iTunes directory.  Is there an "Unofficial" Landing iTunes account ? ...  In addition the podcast RSS feed has to be already created and uploaded to a website so the URL from the RSS feed file can be entered into Step 1 of iTunes podcast submission.



- Good metadata will make the MP3 more useful, including a cover image



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