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Identity, Agency & the Digital Nexus, 5-7 Apr. 2013, Athabasca U: Revision

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Identity, Agency, and the Digital Nexus is an international symposium organized by Athabasca University, held on April 5-7, 2013. This wiki provides an interactive social space to complement the symposium website. Here, you can read and comment on presenters' papers, follow the symposium Twitter feed - via the hashtag #dns2013 - and interact in other ways with the symposium and its participants. For a PDF of the symposium schedule, with links to webcasts of the proceedings, click here.

#dns2013 website: For symposium details, including the schedule and links to webcasts of proceedings

#dns2013 on Twitter: See the latest tweets (until we get the hashtag RSS feed working on this wiki)

#dns2013 on Facebook: For location details, participant Q&A, and other updates

Read & comment on presenters' papers:

This wiki houses dedicated sub-wikis for each presenter's paper - these are listed below, and also at right, under Navigation. Each sub-wiki includes a link to the paper itself, the abstract, and a publicly accessible Comment field. Papers are listed according to the symposium schedule, not in alphabetical order.

Read & comment on Andrew Feenberg's plenary "Dialectics of the Digital World"

Read & comment on Maria Bakardjieva's “Navigating the ‘Mediapolis’: Digital Media and Emerging Practices of Democratic Participation”

Read & comment on Andrew Herman's “Hiding the Hiding: Network(ed) Capital and the Performativities of Digital Labour”

Read & comment on Leslie Lindballe's “Critical Discourse Analysis and the Question of a Digital Bubble”

Read & comment on Sharone Daniel's “The Influence of Social Networks, Relationship-ties, and Identity on Participation in Internetworked Social Movements”

Read & comment on Carolyn Guertin's “Hacktivist (Pre) Occupations: Self-Surveillance, Participation and Public Space”

Read & comment on Mark McCutcheon's “Theoretical and Institutional Contexts of the Dubject, the Doubled and Spaced Self”

Read & comment on Marcel O’Gorman's “From Dust to Data: Art as Research in the Posthumanities”

Read & comment on David Gunkel's plenary “Response-Able Machines: The Opportunities and Challenges of Artificial Autonomous Agents”

Read & comment on Ian Angus' "Digitization as Knowledge and as Being”

Read & comment on Bob Hanke's “The Network University in Transition”

Read & comment on George Siemens' “Identity Formation in Distributed Networks and Social Spaces”

Read & comment on Lorna Stefanick's “Democracy and Identity in the Digital Age”

Read & comment on Josipa Petrunić's “The Digital Democratic Deficit: an analysis of efforts and outcomes related to digitised elections and campaigning”

Read & comment on Daryl Campbell's “Badiou's Subject: The Case of Open Source Software Development”

Read & comment on Roman Onufrijchuk's “Of ‘Data Wakes’ and ‘Paramortals’”

Read & comment on Jay Smith's “The Internet and Democratic Citizenship – the Dark Shadow”



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