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Identity, Agency & the Digital Nexus, 5-7 Apr. 2013, Athabasca U: Revision

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imageIdentity, Agency, and the Digital Nexus is an international symposium organized by Athabasca University, held on April 5-7, 2013. This wiki provides an interactive social space to complement the symposium website. Here, you can read and comment on presenters' papers, follow the symposium Twitter feed - via the hashtag #dns2013 - and interact in other ways with the symposium and its participants. For a PDF of the symposium schedule, with links to webcasts of the proceedings, click here.

#dns2013 website: For symposium details, including the schedule and links to webcasts of proceedings

#dns2013 on Twitter: See the latest tweets for the symposium hashtag

#dns2013 on Facebook: For location details, participant Q&A, and other updates

Read & comment on presenters' papers:

This wiki houses individual wikis for each presenter's paper - these are listed below, and also at right, under Navigation. Each presenter's wiki link to the paper itself, and includes the abstract and a Comment option (open to public, not just Landing users). Papers are listed according to the symposium schedule, not in alphabetical order. 

Mar. 31 UPDATE: Both plenary papers and a few other papers are already available (see below), and more will become available Apr. 2.

Andrew Feenberg's plenary "Dialectics of the Digital World" (plenary paper available)

Maria Bakardjieva's “Navigating the ‘Mediapolis’: Digital Media and Emerging Practices of Democratic Participation”

Andrew Herman's “Hiding the Hiding: Network(ed) Capital and the Performativities of Digital Labour”

Leslie Lindballe's “Critical Discourse Analysis and the Question of a Digital Bubble”

Sharone Daniel's “The Influence of Social Networks, Relationship-ties, and Identity on Participation in Internetworked Social Movements”

Carolyn Guertin's “Hacktivist (Pre) Occupations: Self-Surveillance, Participation and Public Space”

Mark A. McCutcheon's “Theoretical and Institutional Contexts of the Dubject, the Doubled and Spaced Self” (paper available)

Marcel O’Gorman's “From Dust to Data: Art as Research in the Posthumanities”

David Gunkel's plenary “Response-Able Machines: The Opportunities and Challenges of Artificial Autonomous Agents” (plenary paper available)

Ian Angus' "Digitization as Knowledge and as Being” (paper available)

Bob Hanke's “The Network University in Transition”

George Siemens' “Identity Formation in Distributed Networks and Social Spaces”

Lorna Stefanick's “Democracy and Identity in the Digital Age”

Josipa Petrunić's “The Digital Democratic Deficit: an analysis of efforts and outcomes related to digitised elections and campaigning”

Daryl Campbell's “Badiou's Subject: The Case of Open Source Software Development”

Roman Onufrijchuk's “Of ‘Data Wakes’ and ‘Paramortals’”

Jay Smith's “The Internet and Democratic Citizenship – the Dark Shadow” (paper available)



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