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Week 4: Groups

Last updated May 8, 2010 - 11:57am by George Siemens

In week 4, we'll explore ways to teach, learn, and connect with others in more of a "central place" - namely, in groups. Groups are particularly effective for sustained social interaction around set topics/themes/shared interests.


If you are particularly inclined to try and understand groups/communities and networks:

1. Review the Dron & Anderson paper from last week on Groups, Networks, & Collectives

2. Review this discussion thread on communities and networks (with Etienne Wenger) 

3. For more of a scientific analysis (from economics) review this paper: On the Formation of Groups and Networks (.pdf)

Activities for Week 4:

1. View this short screencast on groups in the landing.

2. If you haven't done so, please join the TLSTN group:

3. Start a discussion topic in the TLSTN group (see the screencast for instructions) on a subject that you'd like to explore. Comment on topics others have started.

4. Attend the weekly Elluminate session (Tues, 2 pm Alberta time) here.

5. Continue to post weekly blog summaries of your experience in the Landing: what's working? What's frustrating? Are you feeling more comfortable?


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