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Week 8: Teaching in Networks

Last updated June 8, 2010 - 6:06am by George Siemens

In week 8, discussion will centre on how networks - such as the Landing - influence teaching, learning, and design. Do new technologies change the role of faculty? Does the internet's alteration of access to information - a shift from educator to learner - require new approaches to teaching and learning? These questions rest in the background of the tools we've looked at over the last 7 weeks. Tools like Moodle have generated new opportunities for learners to interact with each other and with educators. But Moodle still largely replicates the classroom. Social networks, in contrast, seem more disruptive. A quick glance at popular media supports this: viral videos, flip cam recordings that bring down politicians and expose secret lives of celebrities, etc. Mainstream media has been dramatically altered by social and technological networks. 

Can we expect similar disruptions in teaching and learning?


Review week 1: Teaching in social and technological networks

Learning and Knowing in Networks: The changing roles for educators and designers:



1. After reviewing the readings this week, contribute to Using the Landing: - what kinds of activities can AU faculty engage in with the Landing? If you're a designer, which aspects of the Landing could you utilize in the design process?

2. Reflect on the experience of this course, in particular, your cycle of participation and interaction with others. When were you most inclined to participate? At what stages were you less involved? Why? Which tools are most useful? Will you use the Landing in the future for teaching, learning, or staying connected with others?

3. We will not be meeting online this week for a live session.