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Hongxin Yan

Hongxin Yan

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General info

Brief description: Learning Designer at Athabasca University (AU); Doctoral Student at University of Eastern Finland (UEF)

Contact info

Phone number: Office: (+1)780.421.5837
Street Address: Edmonton West
Province/State/County/Region: Alberta
Postal Code: T5T 4H1
Country: Canada
Twitter ID: yanhongxin
Skype username: hongxin.yan


Occupation: Online Program and Course Design
Industry: Higher Education
Company / Institution: Athabasca University
Job Title: Learning Designer
Job Description

Working with academics, design online courses in higher education for effectiveness, engagement, and aesthetics.

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About me

I am a learning designer with Centre for Learning Design and Development at Athabasca University since February 2008.

Currently I am a part-time doctoral student of IMPDET-LE program (International Multidisciplinary PhD Studies in Educational Technology & Learning Environments) at University of Eastern Finland.

As a learning designer, I am very enthusiastic on exploring how to design learning environments for online courses in effectiveness; how computer and online technologies facilitate students’ learning; and what can best motivate and engage students online. I am very interested in personalized and adaptive learning, competency-based education, learning analytics, and other intelligent technologies. I believe education, rather than being a knowledge transmitter, should be a path of discovering and nurturing individual's talents and good natures.


  • BEng (SUT, China)
  • MEng (XUT, China)
  • MA (EdTech) (Concordia University, Montreal)
  • Ph.D Student (EdTech) (East Finland University)