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COMP361-Reflections on Assignment 4

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By Skyla Michalicka October 25, 2017 - 11:53am

 This assignment was slightly more difficult than the last assignment for me. Although the framework was there, and I thought I had a solid understanding of the system design, I required much refreshment from the text book examples since this course is my first attempt at creating such diagrams. I continued to use the Visual Paradigm program to aide me in creating the diagrams for this assignment as well. I am getting familiar with the program and am actually starting to enjoy playing around with it. The first diagram was simple enough for me as it was only adding the attributes and navigational arrows to the previous diagram I created. Here I begin to see a more familiar structure in design development, and can see how these diagrams are becoming blueprints with a means for giving the programmer detailed instructions on how to build the system. The sequence diagram was a bit more complicated to understand at first; I had to use the text book as example here, but once I began getting the flow back and forth, it too was more clear to me. The multi-layer design had me confused once or twice trying to follow how the system would be communicating within itself. Again, the text book provided sufficient example and information for me to understand how to develop this diagram. Many times I have attempted to rely on the Internet resources but find that (it may only pertain to me, but) I get more mixed up than I do by re-reading the text notes, and comparing them to the text example figures. Finally the updated design diagram. Here it was apparent that I had to add a few more operations than I originally imagined. I really enjoyed this assignment as it gave me good experience practising developing diagrams, and gave me better insight into how the system communicates.


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