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SIK Guide v4.0a - Project 4C: DIY "Who am I?" Game

This seemed like it would be a pretty fun game but I don't see myself ever using this circuit again unless I made some modifications. You would definitely have to make it more challenging by using something other then animals for guessing.

This was my first time experimenting with the battery pack. When I first powered up the system with only the battery pack nothing was working. The on-board arduino LED and LCD screen were dimly lit and no text was beng displayed. I knew it was somewhat working but I did have a suspicion that the arduino was fried somehow because of the newly introduced battery pack. Luckily that wasn't true and it turned out that one of my four new batteries was the culprit. Good thing I have a multimeter! I tested each of the batteries and found one that had very little voltage output.

DIY "Who Am I?" Game:


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