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Unit 1 - Learning diary and work done


 so this is my work on the site design. 



For Unit 1 site design I have I have based the development of this work on my wife’s interest to have website where she can review some beauty products from companies and create her own experience on many aspects of the beauty subject.

I wanted to relate the personas to the work to be done and what kind of experience the users would prefer. It is a subjective reflection, but I do think it reflects the desires of the personas and relating to their scenarios.

So, the potential audience for my website is people with interest in beauty products and who wants to relate with others experience.

The website will capture the people whose interest is to follow some new beauty trends and products and for companies or individuals who wish to further contact the admin of the website for testing products or talk about beauty related subjects.

I have done some websites for 2 or 3 years for some firend-clients in the years 2005 or around in html and css but never touched js before that course.


The design was not hard but time consuming whereas the thinking was more thorough.


For my mock-up and site map I used photoshop to make the graphics with pictures and png vectors from google image search.

Jasmin Gallant


  • I have through the course of my site design added a game page for users to earn a virtual coupon code in order to later get a price drop on the products reviewed. 

    This idea came while working on unit 5, I thought it would make an interesting feature for the users to be able to focus a price drop in the product they get interested in. I implemented a a game of crasp and a game of rock paper scissors.

    Jasmin Gallant September 12, 2019 - 10:47am

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