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Canadian Initiative for Distance Education Research - CIDER

Contact the CIDER Team


Contact the CIDER team



Peace Hills Trust Tower
1200-10011 109 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 3S8 Canada
Telephone: (780) 421-2536
Fax: (780) 497-3416

Director: Terry Anderson, Ph.D.
Telephone: (780) 497-3421
Terry Anderson PhD was the first Canadian Research Chair in Distance Education and founding director of CIDER. He has been actively working as a distance educator, journal editor (IRRODL) administrator, and academic for the past twenty years.

Session Coordinator/Webmaster: Dan Wilton
Telephone: (250) 364-0324
Dan Wilton is the Session Coordinator and site webmaster of CIDER. Contact Dan for more information on attending upcoming sessions or if you would like to present a session on CIDER, or to report errors or bugs.

CIDER is also home to a cadre of part time research assistants.


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