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Important notice following the death of our web server administrator: new student accounts are not currently being created on the student web server, and no one is maintaining existing accounts. We are working as fast as possible on a solution but, until this is fixed, we do not require you to upload your site to the student server (though, if you do still have access, we highly recommend doing so). See Running a web server on your local machine for details of how to meet the requirements for the final unit, and my posts on the subject in the discussion forum for further information about the problem.

COMP 266

COMP 266

Owner: Jon Dron

Group members: 1259


This group supports the SCIS course, COMP 266, Introduction to Web Programming. COMP266 is a course about building dynamic web pages, covering the Web development process, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the use of JavaScript libraries and AJAX. See for more information.

Should you run into difficulties joining the group, please mail Jon Dron, the course coordinator, at

If you are a member of the group, please remember to explore the FAQ: it is full of useful hints and suggestions!


Brief description: COMP 266: Introduction to Web Programming
Type of group:

The FAQ for this course is well worth reading. It contains lots of helpful hints and suggestions that can help you to be successful on this course.

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