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COMP 266

COMP 266

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This is closed group to support the SCIS course, COMP 266, Introduction to Web Programming. It's a course about building dynamic web pages, covering the Web development process, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the use of JavaScript libraries and AJAX. See for more information.

If you are a student of COMP 266 (revision 3) please request membership to join this group (you should only press the 'request membership' button once, and should expect a delay of up to one working day before your request is approved). Should you run into difficulties joining the group, please mail Jon Dron, the course coordinator, at



Brief description: COMP 266: Introduction to Web Programming
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This group has a closed membership.

The FAQ for this course is well worth reading. It contains lots of helpful hints and suggestions that can help you to be successful on this course.

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  • Bright Nwanoruo commented on the blog UNIT 0 DIARY yesterday
    Hi Yasmeen, good to know you are also in this course. I am also taking this course and I believe it will be a wonderful journey . Enjoy!
  • Louise Nicoll commented on a bookmark JavaScript Is Eating The World March 8, 2018 - 4:04am
    C# may have started as a marketing thing, ie as Microsoft's version of Java, but has some features beyond what Java has such as LINQ, Asnyc/Await, Nullable types. I come from a web programming background (Perl,PHP,VB Script, Cold Fusion) and...

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COMP 266

COMP 266

COMP 266: Introduction to Web Programming