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Canadian studies

Donica Belisle, Ph.D.

global consumer history, Canadian studies and Canadian history, North American women’s and gender history

Cathy Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

gender and history, Western Canadian history, historiography

Marc Couroux, M.Mus.

experimental musical traditions at large, contemporary Canadian music, video art of the 1970s - 1980s, art and sociopolitical activism, news media analysis

Ursule Critoph, M.A.

the Canadian training/skills development system, women and learning, unions and workplace learning, joint union-management processes, unions and work, adult education, community-based learning, workers and the recognition of prior learning

Alvin Finkel, Ph.D.

the welfare state in Canada, history of the Canadian West, history of labour and socialism in Canada, British diplomacy in the 1930s

Felix (Fil) Fraser, Ph.D.

Federal and provincial film, television and broadcasting policy, media in general (with a particular focus on both broadcast and print journalism), human rights policy and programs, arts funding and policy

Sheila Greaves, Ph.D.

history of anthropological theory, archaeology, environment, society, and technology, Canadian pre-history

Lorelei Hanson, Ph.D.

environmental thought, green cultural studies, rural studies, new regional studies (Canadian West/Prairies), qualitative research methods in the study of environmental/spatial matters, place, nature, wilderness, landscape

Patricia Hughes-Fuller, Ph.D.

British cultural studies, adult and labour education, the politics of popular culture, literary and social theory, the literature(s) and culture(s) of Canada

Greg Johnson, Ph.D.

Canadian external relations, Canada and the Pacific Rim, Canadian-American relations, Twentieth century world history, Northern Alberta

Nanci Langford, Ph.D.

Canadian family and women's history, social inequality, sociological theory, feminist theory, needs assessments and program evaluations

Mark A. McCutcheon, Ph.D.

postcolonialism, new media and techno-culture, performance studies, Romantic literature, popular culture, adaptation studies

Jeremy Mouat, Ph.D.

Industrial Revolution, comparative history of British settler colonies, history of British Columbia, history of resources and resource development in Western Canada

Frits Pannekoek, Ph.D.

Western Canadian history, history of the pre-1870 West, Métis studies, heritage management and preservation, interdisciplinary communication studies, public policy

Joseph Pivato, Ph.D.

Canadian literature, ethnic minority writing in Canada, literature and film, literary theory, renaissance writers (selected)

Kaddi Purru, Ph.D.

Theatre Studies, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Literary Studies, Curriculum and Instruction (cultural epistemologies and ways of knowing, critical postcolonial pedagogy, interdisciplinarity), Qualitative Research

Carolyn Redl, Ph.D.

life writings by Arctic women, literature by Arctic women, theory of autobiography and other life writings, creative non-fiction (travel and nature)

Robert Runté, Ph.D.

popular culture (cyberculture, kid culture, avocational subcultures), sociology of education, organizational behaviour (committees, stakeholder groups, long hours culture), sociology of the professions and management of knowledge workers, qualitative research methodologies, Canadian speculative fiction

Sean Ryan, Ph.D.

social and environmental justice, social/environmental theory, history of environmental science, philosophy of science, protected area management and designation, political ecology

Mike Sosteric, Ph.D.

sociology of information technology (including subareas such as information technology, biotechnology, reproductive technology, technology and the developing world), Canadian society, labour process, Marxist theory as applied to developmental psychology, sociology of religion, sociology of technology, sociology of technology and industry, sociology of spirituality, consciousness research, transpersonal psychology, Eastern mysticism, noetic sciences

Veronica Thompson, Ph.D.

Canadian literature, postcolonial literature and theory, women in literature, feminist and gender studies, Canadian-Australian comparative studies

Don Wetherell, Ph.D.

heritage resource management, social history

Winona Wheeler, Ph.D.

Indigenous histories, anti-colonial theory, treaty rights, traditional indigenous knowledge