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Historical studies

Donica Belisle, Ph.D.

global consumer history, Canadian studies and Canadian history, North American women’s and gender history

Cathy Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

gender and history, Western Canadian history, historiography

Alvin Finkel, Ph.D.

the welfare state in Canada, history of the Canadian West, history of labour and socialism in Canada, British diplomacy in the 1930s

Sheila Greaves, Ph.D.

history of anthropological theory, archaeology, environment, society, and technology, Canadian pre-history

David Gregory, Ph.D.

history of labour and socialist thought, history of Anglo-American popular music

Greg Johnson, Ph.D.

Canadian external relations, Canada and the Pacific Rim, Canadian-American relations, Twentieth century world history, Northern Alberta

Nanci Langford, Ph.D.

Canadian family and women's history, social inequality, sociological theory, feminist theory, needs assessments and program evaluations

Lisa Micheelsen, Ph.D.

classical languages, philology and literature (especially Greek epic poetry), Greek eschatology and thanatology, Pre-Socratic philosophy, Greek and Roman social history, gender in the ancient world, feminist theory and classics, Hellenistic Egypt and the influence of the ancient East on Greek culture, race, racism and the history of classical scholarship

Laurie Milne, Ph.D.

interdisciplinary human ecology, archaeological science, world prehistory, ethnology of North America, human evolution, hunter gatherer ecology

Jeremy Mouat, Ph.D.

Industrial Revolution, comparative history of British settler colonies, history of British Columbia, history of resources and resource development in Western Canada

Frits Pannekoek, Ph.D.

Western Canadian history, history of the pre-1870 West, Métis studies, heritage management and preservation, interdisciplinary communication studies, public policy

Mary S. Runté, Ph.D.

work-family/life balance, social responsibility in organizations, nonprofit and voluntary sector management, business history, feminist theory of organizations, existentialism and management theory, critical theory, qualitative methods-discourse analysis, poststructural

Shandip Saha, Ph.D.

medieval religious history in south Asia, religion and politics in modern India, Hinduism, comparative religion, study of religion

Don Wetherell, Ph.D.

heritage resource management, social history

Winona Wheeler, Ph.D.

Indigenous histories, anti-colonial theory, treaty rights, traditional indigenous knowledge


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