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Educational studies

Jane Arscott, Ph.D.

human service education, women and politics, e-governance, e-citizenship, e-democracy, policy analysis, political theory

Jonathan Baggaley, Ph.D.

education and media, evaluation methodology, health promotion, community development, applied social psychology, communication studies

Mark Biddle, Ph.D.

MAIS 645 Understanding Work and Learning

Cathy Bray, Ph.D.

adult education, gender and education, gender and health issues, gender and organizations, online education

Derek Briton, Ph.D.

adult education, educational policy studies, sociology of education, social theory, psychoanalytic theory, psychoanalysis of society and culture

Andrew Chiarella, Ph.D.

educational technology, social software for education, complex (self-organizing) systems theory applied to education and psychology, studies of learning and the design of instruction (especially in the areas of reading comprehension, science, and mathematics)

Ursule Critoph, M.A.

the Canadian training/skills development system, women and learning, unions and workplace learning, joint union-management processes, unions and work, adult education, community-based learning, workers and the recognition of prior learning

Alan Davis, Ph.D.

quality assurance, community colleges, learning accreditation, collaborations and consortia in higher education, organisation and management of E-learning

Elizabeth Lange, Ph.D.

Sociology of education, social theory, international/global education, social movements, sustainability/environmental education, adult education, transformative adult learning, action research and popular education

Judy Nielsen, Ph.D.

adult education, special education, school improvement, educational research in the area of teacher development, educational leadership

Karen Nielsen Ph.D.

Adult education, tramsformational learning

Kaddi Purru, Ph.D.

Theatre Studies, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Literary Studies, Curriculum and Instruction (cultural epistemologies and ways of knowing, critical postcolonial pedagogy, interdisciplinarity), Qualitative Research

Pat Rasmussen, Ph.D.

transformative adult education and community organizing, curriculum/educational studies, rethinking the self (subjectivity, discourse theory, and everyday relations of power), postcolonial and poststructural perspectives of education and social work, contemporary cultural and social theories of gender, sexuality, class and race, disability studies, health promotion and prevention in human services, creative non-fiction, journalling, and writing autobiographically, sociology of work - labour process, subjectivity, professionalization, cooperatives, feminist political philosophy, feminist counselling theory and practice, qualitative/interpretative inquiry (especially narrative inquiry)

Robert Runté, Ph.D.

popular culture (cyberculture, kid culture, avocational subcultures), sociology of education, organizational behaviour (committees, stakeholder groups, long hours culture), sociology of the professions and management of knowledge workers, qualitative research methodologies, Canadian speculative fiction

Bruce Spenser, Ph.D.

adult education, workers' education and labour education, labour unions and labour relations, international issues in labour relations and education

Lorraine Stewart, Ph.D.

exceptional children/students, mild and moderate disabilities (including learning disabilities, emotional and behavioural disorders), severe disabilities, teacher assistant's roles and responsibilities, individualized program plans


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