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Information studies

Jonathan Baggaley, Ph.D.

education and media, evaluation methodology, health promotion, community development, applied social psychology, communication studies

Andrew Chiarella, Ph.D.

educational technology, social software for education, complex (self-organizing) systems theory applied to education and psychology, studies of learning and the design of instruction (especially in the areas of reading comprehension, science, and mathematics)

Marc Couroux, M.Mus.

experimental musical traditions at large, contemporary Canadian music, video art of the 1970s - 1980s, art and sociopolitical activism, news media analysis

Michael Francis, Ph.D.

anthropology, visual anthropology, documentary and/or ethnographic film, cultural studies, African studies

Felix (Fil) Fraser, Ph.D.

Federal and provincial film, television and broadcasting policy, media in general (with a particular focus on both broadcast and print journalism), human rights policy and programs, arts funding and policy

Mike Goodwin, M.A.

applied linguistics, critical theory of applied linguistics (e.g., Pennycook and Phillipson), ESL studies and ESL curriculum development, Foucault studies

Sheila Greaves, Ph.D.

history of anthropological theory, archaeology, environment, society, and technology, Canadian pre-history

Carolyn Guertin, Ph.D.

information art, architecture and aesthetics, technology and gender, electronic literature, cyberculture, women's writing (20th century), feminist theory

Mark A. McCutcheon, Ph.D.

postcolonialism, new media and techno-culture, performance studies, Romantic literature, popular culture, adaptation studies

Frits Pannekoek, Ph.D.

Western Canadian history, history of the pre-1870 West, Métis studies, heritage management and preservation, interdisciplinary communication studies, public policy

Lynda Ross, Ph.D.

attachment theory, women and psychology, women and technology, feminism, statistical methods

Peter J. Smith, Ph.D.

politics of cyberspace, political ideologies

Mike Sosteric, Ph.D.

sociology of information technology (including subareas such as information technology, biotechnology, reproductive technology, technology and the developing world), Canadian society, labour process, Marxist theory as applied to developmental psychology, sociology of religion, sociology of technology, sociology of technology and industry, sociology of spirituality, consciousness research, transpersonal psychology, Eastern mysticism, noetic sciences

George Tombs, Ph.D.

representations of the individual in art, literature and science, governance in public and private institutions, organizational perspectives, creative non-fiction, journalism and media studies


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