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EDDE 806 Doctoral Research Seminar

EDDE 806 Doctoral Research Seminar

Owner: Susan Bainbridge

Group members: 139


This is a group to support the final course in the Education Doctoral Program. The format of the course consists of 12 web conference (Adobe Connect sessions) during the fall and winter terms. All doctoral students/candidates are invited to attend the sessions, as well as AU graduates, registered students must attend and post brief reflections on 6 of the presentations on their personal blogs using tag EDDE806.  **EDDE 806 must be completed before final dissertation defence. **

With our growing AU community of doctoral students, candidates, AND graduates, these sessions are of enormous value to assist EDDE students in understanding methodologies, defences, and gaining a wealth of information from those in the later stages of this journey. **Please note** You must join the group in order to view all tabs on the right.

The bi-weekly seminars can be accessed at

They begin at 6pm Mountain Time and run for 2 hours.

Recordings of all previous sessions can be found in Group Bookmarks on the right of this page.

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